Pet-Friendly Carpets

Durable and Easy-to-Clean Options for Pet Owners

We had carpet fitted in three bedrooms, a hallway and up the stairs. The team were professional and friendly and fitted the carpet to exceptional standards. The carpet is really soft and thick, and of good quality. We're really happy with how it looks in our home and would highly recommend them to our family and friends. Many thanks to Paul and his team.
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Pet-Friendly Carpets: Durable and Easy-to-Clean Options for Pet Owners

When you want new flooring for your home, you want it to be sure that you pet is happy too. Your pet probably will use the floor the most whether its lounging around, rolling and stretching, or playing. Also, your pet will claw, chew, drool or do occasional accidents (it happens!) on it.  So, it really matters to your pets well-being that you choose the right flooring, so that one your pet is comfortable, and two it is durable and easy to maintain.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the different types of flooring to help you make a decision that best suits your pet.


Since your pet spends a lot of time on the floor, its important to make sure it is comfortable under paw. Carpet is the material that will first come to mind and is a good choice here – its warm, cushioned and forgiving. Next might sound surprising as wood isn’t the first thought when we think comfort.

However, lacquered wood can offer a more comfortable harder alternative to carpet when compared to laminate. If you do decide on laminate, tile, or wood you can make the floor more comfortable with a rug or bean bags.


Floors get a lot of use from you and your pets, so you need to acquire a material that can withstand lots of repetitive use. This is where vinyl flooring comes into its own. It is a very suitable material for lots of foot or paw-steps across it. Furthermore, vinyl is very sturdy in the face of play and objects, meaning you shouldn’t worry about your excited pet causing damage. Laminate can also be a valuable, long lasting solution for flooring. But, if you have a dog, laminate can be slippery for your four-legged friends.


As you may well know, even the most well-trained pets may experience an accident or two from time-to-time. The material you pick for your floor is an important decision should you need to clean up such messes. Let’s start with elephant in the room – carpets. A standard carpet will be the hardest to clean, and an accident by your pet may leave stains. However, high quality carpets, such as the ones we stock here at Paul Ealey, are more pet-proof.

Laminate and vinyl are standouts when it comes to ease of cleaning. There is a slight difference though as liquid can seep into the dividing crack between laminate slides. Whereas vinyl provides adequate protection against stains and is easy to clean off.

All floor types discussed are cost-effective flooring options and the choice will ultimately come down to your preference and pet type. At Paul Ealey flooring specialists, we have built a great reputation throughout Bath, Somerset, and Wiltshire for delivering superb quality and excellent customer service. We can help you through the process of choosing the perfect floor for you. Head over to our contact us page and get in touch with Paul Ealey Ltd. Today!

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