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Paul Ealey Flooring are experts in the choice, supply and fitting of office flooring for large and small business premises in and around the city of Bath.

We are able to cover your office floor space in quality carpeting, laminate, rubber or vinyl flooring appropriate to your business operations and to suit your budget.

Having worked on commercial flooring contracts in Bath and further afield across Somerset and Wiltshire over the past 30 years, we have gained excellent product knowledge and are aware of the need for quick, efficient service delivered on schedule so as not to disrupt your business longer than necessary.

We can suggest and source the best type of flooring for any office, from car dealerships and estate agents to board rooms, doctor’s surgeries and open plan call centres.

Our prices are competitive and we give no-obligation quotations after a free survey of your workspace for a consultation and to measure up.


Selecting Office Flooring

The flooring that looks good and performs well in your home does not necessarily work as well in your office. Office floors are subjected to far more stresses and strains than your living room.

Here are some of the things to consider when selecting office flooring that will look good and impress your clients while providing a pleasant environment for your staff to work in:

  • What type of business are you running? If you have booted factory workers in and out all day, you’ll need flooring that is easy to clean, but if you have a high-end advertising agency with visiting clients, you’ll want a plush, comfortable feel.
  • How much traffic will the flooring have to deal with, not only feet but moving wheeled office chairs, cabinets and office machines?
  • Safety is a factor in environments that may get wet causing a slip hazard.
  • How much are you willing to spend? Cheap might work in the short term, but it is often more economical to pay more for long-lasting quality and durability.


Types of Office Flooring

There’s a wide range of flooring to choose from for offices, each with characteristics that can suit different office environments.

  • Carpeting or carpet tiles have thermal and acoustic benefits – they also improve office energy efficiency. Individual carpet tiles can be lifted and replaced easily if stained or damaged, or to allow access to underfloor cabling.
  • Vinyl flooring or LVT (vinyl tiles) are perfect for high traffic office premises or reception areas, being damage resistant and easy to clean. It’s also great where dust is a factor, such as offices containing a lot of sensitive IT or electronic equipment.
  • Rubber flooring is anti-static, non-slip and fire resistant.
  • Laminate flooring looks classy at an affordable price and performs well in spaces like showrooms, where its shock absorbent qualities make it comfortable underfoot.

Here at Paul Ealey Flooring we are able to advise on the best type of office flooring for your purposes in Bath, Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon and other towns in Somerset and Wiltshire, ensuring best value for money and a smart appearance for your workplace.

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